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new to organic, list of lawn probs, like lots of input!

14 years ago

I have already been to the "lawn care" forum asking a couple of questions that a few of you have been helpful with. I have been reading up when I can through out the day about some organic lawn care and don't really know where to start.

**First, I need to convince my dh that it isn't gonna cost an arm and a leg to go organic!

Let me start by telling you about our yard. We live outside of Louisville ky, our lawn is mostly if not all fescue but we are thinking of adding some KBG to help fill in spots. The yard is FULL, let me just say that again, FULL of weeds and insects and mostly bad ones. We have Wild Violet...sorry if it offends anyone but I hate it, it is so invasive. The neighbors lawn is 95% wild violet and other weeds. We also have ground ivy. Some grassy looking weeds. And several others that I have not identified yet.

We killed it off in the fall and reseeded, and there were a lot of bare spots that got missed or didn't take. So, now the wild vioet from the neighbors yards is creeping back in, along with several others. Our soil appears to be in VERY poor condition. Very hard, very difficult to get through. Drainage is TERRIBLE. Just look here...Drainage Problems

This is the mess we inherited from the previous owners 2 years ago.

We also have moss, which appears to be a little better this year but not gone. We have some shady areas where we have had to prune some trees and need to do a bit more.

I would like to do organic, but right now I feel like I need an "organic lawn care for dummy's" book! I don't know what does what, how much these things cost, where to find them. How to put a plan in place, etc! I have already tried to incorporate some organic practices in my veg garden, but lawn care seems quite different.

If you have read all of this, and my blog entry, thanks!

I have been reading through several other posts and am picking up some things. But in our second year with this lawn, we feel at our whits end! We need to find some solutions so we can stop burning holes in our pockets trying to fix this lawn!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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