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PLEASE help with new Zoysia (Empire) sod

11 years ago

I have relatively new Zoyzia Empire (a little more than 2 months old). It started establishing well; then I noticed some areas do not grow roots, some areas have fungus. I hired TruGreen - after 1 month with them the grass became even worse - I do not know exactly if it is worse because of TruGreen care or something else, but anyway I fired TG and decided to put the grass on organic program. The problem is I do NOT know what to start with: TG heavily fertilized, put fungicide on, however the grass DO have fungi now, still do NOT have roots somewhere... What should I do now to fight diseases, make the grass healthy and weed free. I let it grow about 4 inches to fight weeds. Also found about 40 green and white cartepillars on 1 sq. ft of the grass recently - removed them by hand...When I dig - find some grub as well. Sprayed nematodes, cooper, organic insecticide, molasses, soap, Turf Pro.... It is not getting any better.

Please, help, could anybody recommend a full year-round programm to care for the grass from this point on?

P.S. I have 9K sq ft lot. and cannot find large amounts of corn meal and corn gluten on reasonable prices in my area (Daytona Beach, FL).

I will appreciate all comments and advice. Thank you all in advance!

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