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My Neighbors did me in...

14 years ago

Well, we have been organic in terms of Lawn fertilizers for around 2 years now. Primarily using Gardens Alive fertilizers which include a few different types of meals and corn gluten, as well as milorganite. The reason we did this was because the results of Scotts were brutal and we wanted to try something different.

While we are kind to the outdoors, I can't lie and say that played a huge factor. I work for many people and use chemicals without hesitation. I also use some chemical ferts for plant use and do some spot spraying of lawn weeds. But in hindsight, it is a good feeling to use organic as much as possible.

Overall, while going Organic the lawn has done a complete turn-around and the results have been great. While I have to say I improved some practices such as mowing higher and using better seed since then, I am a true organic believer in regards of being able to have beautiful grass using the methods.

The problem is that my neighbors use little to no fertilizer and we live in a typical suburban area where lawns connect in areas and a lot of his weeds have crept over. You can literally see the line of healthy grass to their grass and the corn glutten held strong, but it can only do so much since it only prevents germination. It did that quite beautiful in my yard in terms of crabgrass and clover. But since a lot of clover, etc germinated in neighbor's yard, Rows of it have crept over along with some other weeds.

My dad wants me to get some lesco weed and feed. I can't say I disagree too much, but I just hate to think that it may (or will) destroy much of the good we have tried to build and accomplish in the lawn the last two years in terms of microbes, etc. If at all, should I get the 0-0-8, mainly a straight up weed killer? Just a rant, but any opinions are welcomed. How much will this set us back in terms of what we have tried to build in our lawn? Thanks

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