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Grubs/June Bugs Everywhere! Need an Organic treatment plan

9 years ago

We live in Central Texas, Zone 8b. We own chickens, dogs and a few alpaca. We do not want to use chemicals because of the animals - and us. This month we have been overridden by june bugs! What I thought were worm castings have turned out to be castings from the June bugs (and their grubs?). Every night the bugs fly at our outdoor light and every morning they have covered the wall of the garage on which the light is affixed, as well as the ground around it.

Now the chickens love it! Once we realized the things were coming out of our yard we let the chickens out of their run early in the morning to collect them. But I don't think it will be enough. I want to order and apply beneficial nematodes but need a treatment plan. Here is what I am thinking of doing:
- Order the nematodes (but what variety?)
- Borrow an aerator and spike the yard by pulling it behind our yard tractor to give the nematodes plenty of room to travel because we have clay dirt.
- Water the yard good, if it hasn't rained recently.
- Apply the nematodes in the evening, when they arrive.
- Water the yard again so they have plenty of wiggle room to get down to the grubs.
- Continue to water thoroughly once a week.
- Apply horticultural molasses to the yard every 7-10 days to make sure all the good organisms stay happy.
- Pray the nematodes have taken care of the grubs so I still have a reasonably good looking yard in the fall when they are due to hatch next.
- Apply compost late fall/early winter (we just started the compost pile. It may not even be ready to apply by then).

Now, I am not certain I have planned these things in an order which will be most successful and I may have left something out. I constructed this plan after doing some research on the internet. Feedback? Advice? Please. And Thank you.

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