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Analyzing the series of events

17 years ago

As you know guys, my lawn got infected by powdery mildew. I'm trying to brainstorm all of the things I have witnessed and things I have done.

1. November - I applied Vigoro Winterizer

2. Snow, snow, and snow ....

3. January - snow melted and I saw a white residue on the blades. I didn't pay attention because I thought it could have come from snow's white substance.

4. Snow, snow and snow again .... :)

5. March, I applied Vigoro Weed&Feed pre-emergent.

6. White residue on the blades are getting bigger

7. Late march, greenjeans hooked me up to organic approach

8. April 5, I applied CGM

9. April 20, I posted about white thing on my blades and you told me that it's powdery mildew

  1. April 28, I applied Corn Meal

So, is there a high probability that when I applied CGM, it boosted the bacterias/fungi on the powdery mildew disease which made it multiply so aggressively?

Thanks folks!


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