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help with switching to organic lawn care needed!

10 years ago

I do everything myself - mow, weed, garden, rake leaves, exterminate pests, fight invasive plants, shovel snow... So last year I called TruGreen. The lawn does look lush and green.

But then I got a puppy this winter and the other day I let him out to pee at 6am like I usually do, and there was the little TruGreen flag in the yard and it occurred to me - damn, he's walking all over chemicals!!

So I want to cancel, and was reading about organic stuff, and TruGreen says they have an organic system. But there is another local place that does organic lawn care and I'd rather give them my business. (this is their site, if anyone knows if the products they are touting are any good, I have no idea on cost...

Is this stuff worth it?

Or should i just go cold-turkey and stop everything to save myself money?

As a side, I am also going to cut way back on the sprinkler system. Last year it went off every third day at 4am - rain or shine. This year I am thinking of doing it manually only about once a week, depending on how it looks and rainfall. Besides, half my neighbors don't have sprinkler systems, and their yards look just fine.

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