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Prairie dropseed in clay? (And is OK clay basically "heavy clay"?

10 years ago

I'm planting a swath of meadow in my backyard and am very tempted to install a drift of prairie dropseed (around 8 or 10 plants). But I'm getting conflicting information online about whether this plant can thrive in our Oklahoma clay.

Even though we're in a drought, isn't our clay pretty much considered "heavy clay" and therefore always somewhat moist rather than the "dry" clay experienced slightly north of Oklahoma? That seems to be part of this decision because prairie dropseed is considered a native of the high plains but it's not typically listed as a native for Oklahoma. So when I read that it "tolerates" clay I'm thinking it might not be our sort of clay.

Also, I don't know whether it matters to go with the species or with its popular cultivar, Tara, which is more compact and upright. Native grass people seem to really love prairie dropseed but when I read their posts most aren't in Oklahoma.

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