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Strategies for Converting to Organic Lawn Care?

14 years ago

We moved into our new home mid-winter, and I know that the previous owner had a contract with one of those chem-lawn kinds of companies. I'm wondering what to expect and what to do now that there are no more chemicals in use.

I've always been an organic gardener-- but I don't have experience at organically maintaining a big hunk of lawn, or at converting a lawn that has had chemicals on it--my previous lawns were old abandoned properties where there hadn't been any lawn care in years.

I don't want the zillions of dandelions that one next-door neighbor has, but I'm assuming that now that there are no chemicals going onto our lawn, those dandelions will start sprouting over here. Other than that, I just want the lawn to be a healthy section of the world.

Also, I have three pet rabbits producing manure all the livelong day. Any way to use it on the yard?

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