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New to Organic Lawn Care

Kristy Harris
9 years ago

I'm hoping someone here can help me. Not only am I new to organic lawn care but I'm new to lawn care.

I have a relatively small yard (~3000 sq ft) and it's primarily a Bermuda hybrid. I live where we have water restrictions (i.e. only allowed to water once per week) and the sod was planted last July, during prime Texas heat. I didn't do a whole lot with the yard other than water and mow and now that spring is just around the corner, I wanted to fertilize it organically and get it to a healthier state. I also have quite a few weeds starting to pop-up but it sounds like if I take care of the grass, the weeds will go away naturally.

I had a soil test done and they recommended .9 lbs N, 2.6 lbs P2O5 and .8 lbs K2O per 1000 sq ft. Apparently having a lawn that's low in phosphorus is not uncommon in a lot of new construction, as fill materials or low fertility top soils are often the norm in a lot of new developments.

Since that's not a common ratio, they suggested 13-13-13 at the N rate needed. This approach will over-apply potassium, fortunately this does not pose any environmental threat that over-applying nitrogen and phosphorus poses. For the application of 13-13-13, they suggested apply 6.9 lbs of product/1000 sqft in the upcoming weeks, then following it up with an application of 7.7 lbs of product/1000 sqft for later fertilizations.

Does anyone have any suggestion on what to use to accomplish the same thing organically? The organic fertilizers that I've seen don't have anything close to the ratio that I need. I already bought an Earthway 7350SU residential drop spreader. It's starting to warm (and green) up so I'd like to get this done in the next couple of weeks. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated!


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