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Absolute beginner - less than beginner, really

16 years ago

I've searched the web and I've perused all the Lawn forums including FAQs and I can't find anything to help someone with NO knowledge of yard care at all. I have NO idea what kind of grass is in my yard (my house is 51 years old). I don't have any idea where to start to figure out how to take care of a lawn.

I live in Austin, TX (hot!). I plan to eventually remove ALL the turf (that' some good lingo, right?) in the large sunny backyard and xeriscape. I have a small front yard with two huge oaks in it (lucky me cuz I like shade). I would like to know how to take care of the lawn in the front. Must be organic care!

What I really want to know is if someone can direct me to a book or website for the less-than-beginner?

We have a magnificent "natural" garden center here, but I'm kind of embarassed to go over there and ask the most basic questions.

Thanks, y'all!

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