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My jade plant is sick!

15 years ago

Hi! I'm new to the site, but I still couldn't find any answers anywhere. I have a jade plant that I've had for a few years and, as long as I've had it, the stems have always grown down. It's in a fairly small pot, but it's a pretty small plant and it's up on a little pedastal in front of a window. Since it's up so high, the stems just sort of drape down, like ivy, with maybe their ends pointed up a little toward the window. I've always been a little worried about it, since the stems growing down seem like they would put a terrible strain on the main stem. The problem is (besides that my plant is growing the wrong way) that recently the stems have started falling off. Every so often, one would fall off anyway, but lately the joints where it connects to the stem have been getting very weak, the bark (that is pretty thin to begin with) starts to split and then the stem just pops off, even if all of the leaves are healthy. I've replanted one or two of the stems, but I don't want my whole plant to die. Does anyone know what's wrong?

Thank you!

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