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Seen Ginkgos Turning Yellow Before Losing Their Leaves?

14 years ago

There are many reasons for growing ginkgos. One of my main reasons for planting one 12 yrs ago- is their glorious yellow fall foliage. That said, our specimen, which is now 25'H and is somewhat shaded next to a taller hemlock,has always lost its leaves en masse (as is the infamous ginkgo nature)BEFORE they turn yellow. Dirr says it's too cold here for them to color before dropping.

I'm hoping tree oracle will weigh in here, as he has reported before that the kendall sq.,cambridge ma. ginkgos DO turn yellow before falling.I think the same is true of those next to the Gardner Museum. All those trees are in the warmth of the city, surrounded by heat reflective surfaces.

I'd love to hear the experiences of others, re: when their ginkgos color. Would you also plse include the zone, town,and environment(sun,shade, open siting or next to building) of what you tell us about? Thanks so much.



The Cotton-Arbo retum

p.s. I wonder if I could get my ginkgo to hold onto its leaves a bit longer by setting up spotlights under it??!!

or maybe i could put an electric blanket around its trunk....HA!

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