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Trying out new posts for aluminum I.D. tags

10 years ago

The stainless steel skewers I had been using to hang my aluminum plant I.D. tags from were hard to make a completely closed circle with. So, sometimes the I.D. tags would fall off and into the mulch. And, the skewers toppled easily when a "landscape worker" ("Mow and Blow, your not-that-friendly completely inept landscape workers") trampled them. I searched and searched and searched and searched for a better thing to hang my aluminum I.D. tags from and I may have found something.

I found some 9" anodized aluminum TENT STAKES with a nice vertical 3-fin structure (a Y-structure, they call it) which makes it much harder to knock down. The nice thing is, they come with a HOLE in the top that you can put your stainless tiny key ring through, the aluminum plant I.D. tag hanging from said tiny key ring. Being inserted through the hole in the tent stake, there is no way the aluminum I.D. tag is going to fall off the stake as they frequently did with the skewers. I wish the tent stakes were longer than 9", but I couldn't find any with the other desired qualities longer than 9". They are a very pretty coppery-orange color which looks quite nice with the color of mulch I use. Also, maybe the Mow & Blow crew will see them and not trample them (and if wishes were horses...).

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