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Bird feeder in Seattle

12 years ago


I set up a bird feeder on my balcony in Seattle. It overlooks a very busy and noisy street (15th ave NE, not far south of Shoreline) but I was happy to notice that some chickadees (?) are starting visit more and more often, and I saw some of those really tiny brown birds with the long tail feather on the nearby trees. I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on how to attract more birds, or the same birds more often?

Right now I only see the few birds I get maybe once each day for a short period of just 20 minutes or so. I have an inexpensive clear plastic feeder I got at Fred Meyer, which has a broad conical top, a saucer bottom that holds seed which comes out of three or four openings at the bottom. I used the cheap standard mixed birdseed I found at FM, which was on sale two for one, but I wonder if thistle or some kind of sunflower seed might be better. I'm thinking about a bird bath as well, but I am not sure if they care about that in the winter. I am lucky that there are a lot of small trees and landscaped bushes near the balcony, so hopefully I can get some of the songbirds to nest near our place in the spring/summer, if they start to notice the feeder.

As for the things working against this plan: lots of street noise. Also, I see a good many crows along the street, although I don't think they nest right near my apartment. I sprinkled some seed along the railing to attract birds, and it worked, but crows also came to eat the seed when I did that. I like crows as much as anyone, but I imagine other birds wont hang out where they are. They don't seem to be able or willing to directly use the feeder though.

Thanks for the advice!

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