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Fall color, projects

16 years ago

What is looking colorful in your garden now, or what are you planting? Here is the beginnings of color in my tree peonies, backed with Miscanthus strictus-

and a side view-

and an area where we were killing grass all summer with grass clippings (boy did the moles go crazy under that!),

It now has a couple of small Japanese maples protected with a circle of bamboo canes with leaves, and a row of irises which will have Festuca and Antennaria dioica in front for more blue-green emphasis. I also found one species tulip, T. vvedenskyi, with blue-green foliage, and I am getting some daffodils, T. wilsoniana, and Muscari neglectum to plant along the chipped path down the center, and around the trees. I'm wavering between a ground-cover on most of the new area or a display of annuals. Someone pointed out recently that you get to start over new every year with annuals, so perhaps I can end my weed wars I have in my perennial beds by going for annuals. It may be worth a try.

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