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Shaping French Lavender

11 years ago


I have a number of English Lavender plants that I have been trying to 'shape'. Now naturally, they want to turn into big 'globes' but I was hoping to make them do almost what one does with junipers and other bushes. And so far? Not much success. They just get leggy or do odd things in response to my cutting (like the flowers growing sideways!)

I got the idea from several public gardens in Ireland where lavender is done just this way... as a hedge... like people do laurels or salvias here in Seattle. There might be a hedge 4-5' tall that goes for a 100 feet. All solid english lavender!

Is this someone other than a 'pro' can do? And if so, -how-?

On a more immediate note: since many of these have gone all leggy, can I cut them back and start over, or are these plants permanently messed up?



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