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Have you had problems (bad smell) with Miracle Grow Moisture Cont

15 years ago

I've purchased Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting soil for several years with much success. This year, I purchased 6 large bags of MGMCP. When I opened each bag, I noticed a very pungent strange smell that I had never noticed in previous years. I figured, no problem maybe a different additive. I proceeded to pot all of my boxes and hanging baskets in late May. Well, it's August and my plants are still horrible. It's as though they are stunted in growth. I only plant impatiens and petunia wave. The petunia wave at first began to spread but immediately started getting lanky... I cut them back and they've yet to fill out. Never had problems with these plants in the past (same nursery) I literally had to replant 2 boxes and 3 hanging baskets with new flowers, still not thinking the problem could possibly be the soil. Well, after replanting using MGMCS, same results..... not dead just very little to no growth.

I've been a garderner for many years and this has never happened. Has anyone had soil problems with MGMC, especially the smell of the soil this year was very strange. Very disappointed as I spent a small fortune on my plants and soil. I know MG has a recall on their MG fertilizer....didn't read the recall because I don't use the shake'n feed.

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