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Hosta seed swap

16 years ago

Hi everyone,

Anybody interested in hosta seed swap?

Here are the rules:

- You can send as many packets of seed that you would like, but please no more than three packets of the same variety.

- If you think any other seeds than Hosta like flowers, veggie etc. You can send that too.

- For sending seeds please use bubble wrapped envelope. I will reuse the envelopes sent to me.

- Enclose a return address lable and enough postage to return envelope. it will need to be at least as much as it cost to send.

- A copy of your wish list. I would try to fill as much as according to your wish list but what you get back depends on what everyone sends in.

- Deadline for mailing to me will be Nov. 28, 2006. I will return seeds the first week in Dec 2006.

- I will send you email when I receive your packets of seeds in the mail.

- I would add few bonuses with every packet. The number of seed packets you send, you will recieve the same number of packets with new seeds + few bonus from my side.

- So Sign up today.



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