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Lots of Mature Evergreens Cut Down in Area ~ Sad!

16 years ago

I live in a rural area of Gig Harbor. One of the reasons we moved out here on acreage is because we love living among the trees. There have been three neighbors in the area that have cut down MANY of their beautiful, mature evergreens. One is a neighbor through the woods that has cut down 20 evergreens which has dramatically changed the way our tree view is. It is supposed to be a protected greenbelt and wetland. (Already has been reported to the county.) Most of the people I have talked to that have done this say it is because they are tired of storm debris and gutter debris. Also, they want more sun exposure. It is their property and I suppose they should be allowed to do what they want with it. If they don't like trees, maybe they should move to an urban clear-cut area. Sometimes I wish I had more sun exposure too, but I love the trees more. It really got to me when I just saw while going for a run that yet another neighbor has had four beautiful firs cut down. They were gorgeous ones that looked really beautiful on the corner of the road. Now it is bald, clear cut. I am happy living out here in the forest! My husband and I are sick that this is happening. We will take the chance of trees coming through our roof because we love living here. It is worth it to us. Sorry for the rant. This new batch of cut down trees really got to me.

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