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Pot ghetto in a hurricane?

I have a sizeable pot ghetto, and I'm not sure what to do in the impending hurricane. I just have no place to put them all! I have enough trouble bringing them in for winter, when they are dormant and I can stack them up six pots high. I suppose I can put them against an outside wall, but I don't know if that will afford enough protection.

Honestly, I'm not so worried about the plants themselves as I am about the mess and nuisance (and even danger) they may cause if blown into the neighbors' yards.

I figure I can bring in the smallest pots (3 & 4 inches, maybe the quart pots). Do you think the rest can stay outside?

I waver between thinking the rain will make them heavy enough, to thinking that the winds are forecast to be 80 mph and no pot can withstand that.

Maybe I need to make room in the cellar. Oh goodness, what a mess... weeds, dirt, wet leaves stuck to the bottoms...sigh. This will teach me to procrastinate!

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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