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prevent tomato late blight & green tomatoes

12 years ago

What works for you to prevent late blight on your lovely tomatoes that aren't yet ripened due to our cool summer?

Last month while at the farmer's market in Friday Harbor, WA on San Juan Island a guy had bushels of ripe tomatoes, which prompted me to inquire as I had only had a few cherry tomatoes by that rainy 2nd Saturday of August. He said - greenhouses! Cover your tomatoes or you'll get late blight.

Then I went to the Master Gardeners table to inquire & they said that 1st it wasn't late & 2nd just cover up your tomatoes with plastic okay to touch plants, use some bamboo stakes to help hold it up if you'd like. Mulch to prevent the splashing up.

Is that the trick?

I haven't seen blight yet here. My dad had one tomato with it in his container garden nearby in Kent.

Should I be worried with this drizzle we've had this week? Should I be throwing up the plastic menagerie? I hesitate to create a flapping plastic mess out there.

We have 2 tomatoes showing color & the rest are all frog green. Beautiful, but not going to make me happy if they don't ripen. Anyone have a good recipe for green tomato relish? I have the Ball Canning book recipe using:

green tomatoes


green peppers



brown sugar

mustard & celery seed



Is the taste worth the trouble? What foods are served with it?

Bringing in green tomatoes, wrapping in paper, packing in boxes, checking daily for ripening is my usual method for handling the inevitable unripened that are at least showing color. I am thinking that I'll still have some of the green hardballs come October & need to make relish I guess.

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