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Extreme Fire Danger for Parts of OK on Tues

Okiedawn OK Zone 7
11 years ago

The NWS has issued a Fire Weather Watch for about the western one-third of Oklahoma for Tuesday. Some OK panhandle counties have a Red Flag Fire Warning. This means Extreme Fire Danger will be occurring.

Today's Fire Danger, by the way, is in the Very High category with wind gusts forecasted to go as high as 35 mph in some locations.

Even if you are not in the watch or warning areas, PLEASE remember that at this time of year, all of us are subject to high to very high fire danger virtually every afternoon unless it is raining.

With the strong March winds in combination with our unseasonably warm high temperatures and low humidities, we are at risk for fire until there is very significant greenup. Under these conditions grassfires and wildfires can often move at astonishing rates----they can move faster, in fact, than the firefighters at times and when they are moving that fast, it is very hard for firefighters to get ahead of them and stop them. Sudden shifts in wind direction that are common as a fast-moving front is coming through the state can send fires in different directions quite suddenly.

As gardeners, remember these high temps, low RHs and strong winds are very hard on young, tender vegetation so do what you can to protect your plants. If they are in the ground, about all you can do is water them well, and mist their foliage lightly if it is looking windburnt. If you have flats hardening off outside or waiting to go into the ground, put them in the location that gives them the most shelter from the wind that you can. Windburn can kill plants in the hardening-off stage much more quickly that sunburn can.

Stay safe, everyone, and watch for further updates. If forecast models show changes in the anticipated conditions, the watches and warnings can change.

You can see the affected counties on the wenpage of the NWS Norman office linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Webpage of Norman Office of the NWS

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