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And how's your end of July/early August garden?

Mskee's mid-July garden thread has been great, but it's getting long and I feel guilty about making it even slower to load. So I'm starting a new thread.

My roses are coming back from their rest! At least the reblooming types are, they took a break after the blockbuster June flush and are blooming again. Not as feverishly, but still satisfying.

Rosa rugosas Yankee Lady and Blanc Double de Coubert, plain Knockout roses and rose Carefree Delight are in this island, as viewed from my porch.

It's a little startling to see pink and orange together like this, but I like seeing a no-ID daylily and Rose Carefree Beauty next to each other.

Another daylily-rose pairing is rugosa Blanc Double de Coubert and double ditch lily.

Can't forget the sunflowers that the birds sowed under the feeder. Ditch lilies in front, and hostas and ditch lilies behind. This is a wild area near the septic leach field.

Blushing Knockout is the most reliable rose in my garden - it always looks good.

Carefree Delight is a more modest rose, with many small single flowers, but I like the color and the way it gives another aspect to roses besides big flashy blooms.

Hosta Blue Angel is just past its peak. This year it missed the bloom of the Hydrangea Blue Billow next to it.

And there are bugs and bees!

Bee on Hosta Blue Angel.

Bees on Carefree Beauty rose.

Clearwing moth (AKA hummingbird moth) on Monarda Claire Grace. I took about 25 out of focus photos before I could get this.


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