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Greenhouse tomato recommendations?

13 years ago

Hi. Well, we're not situated toofar north (but still too far for some general gardening forums to be much help, it seems). I'll describe the situation first, then ask about the type of tomato we're seeking...

Situation: Just north of the 49th parallel, in southern British Columbia, Canada. Growing season tends to be 150-165 days outdoors. The daylight hours are somewhat shortish in the mid spring and late fall. We have a sunheated greenhouse (extends the shoulder seasons of spring and fall).

Tomato variety: We have lots of gardening experience, but all outdoors. This year (first year with our greenhouse) we were happy with the size and flavor of "Black Krim" tomatoes - good size, round, deep red color, low-acidic taste. We bought them as seedlings from a local nursery. Three problems: 1) they were not indeterminate varieties, and while growing them in the greenhouse helped the plants to grow tall, we could have managed a longer vine (per plant). 2) the production of flowers (hence, fruit) was not at all remarkable... fewer tomatoes than we expected. 3) the larger, ripened fruits tended to remain "green shouldered" (stem ends didn't ripen so well).

Can you recommend on the basis of your experience a tomato that does well in northern greenhouse situations? That produces prolifically on an indeterminate variety plant? And that is low-acid in flavor?

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