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Your Favorite Long Blooming Perennials?

16 years ago

I've got two new beds for perennials, would like long bloomers, nothing orange or orangey red.

Many of the ones that people in other parts of the country love haven't performed for me so I thought I'd ask here.

These beds are compost amended clay. One is in morning/early afternoon sun and the other almost full all day sun. They are both going to be watered on a regular basis. The full sun bed is one I see from my kitchen window. The part sun bed is on the side of the house by a patio area we use in summer/fall.

There are trellises and fences surrounding the beds with Clematis. The perennials are to complement the Clemmies. There isn't a huge amount of room so nothing too big either. The Clems are various shades of purple, blue, pink.

I have the new Proven Winners "English" Buddleias, multiple hardy Geraniums and hardy Fuchsias already. I have daylilies and the sunniest bed has multiple roses.

Need some low growers for the edges. Have 30' of edge on the bed with the less amount of sun that we will be using the patio in summer/fall.


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