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Mahoney's heuchera , heucherella , baptisia sales

Marie Tulin
11 years ago

Mahoney's in Winchester had their 10 dollar heucheras for about $5. The varieties I remember are Green Spice, Venus, Silver Scrolls, Amethyst Mist, Brownie. There was another purple flavored one, but I forget the name.

Sorry I cannot remember the names of the heucherellas and tirarellas. In fact, I can't remember if heucheraellas were on sale, and it was only tiarellas.

The baptisas are marked down, but not as much as half off. They are still full and green. Good looking plants. They are flopping, but give them a hair cut to shape them up, but a ring around them, and they'll look gardenworthy for the rest of the season.

This has been a bad sales seasons for nurseries, but good for us. There's an overload of stock that has been well watered, so keep an eye open for sales. Buy early cause by summer's end everything will be pot bound and heat stressed.

I'd like to hear what y'all purchased.

I got three beautiful silver scrolls and 5 green spice.

PS the big store in Winchester had about 4 racks of heucheras all around the place. Some had different varieties, so its worth finding and looking at all of them



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