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14 years ago

I've seen a few of you mention SSE on this forum, so I have a question for any of you that are members (or former members).

I'm thinking about joining as an unlisted member this year, but would like to save extra seed from a few varieties this year to offer in the yearbook next year. My question is how many extra seeds do I need to save? I believe that the minimum number for each offering is 25 seeds, but I'm not sure how many requests I will get. I've read on the SSE forum and here on GW that a lot of the time you may not get any requests, but I want to be reasonably prepared for any requests that I do get. So I guess what I would like to know is what is the fewest number of requests I should be able to fill for any given seed? I hope that makes sense.

I'd also love your opinions of SSE in general. I heard about them years ago, but never got around to joining. From what I've read, it seems like there has been some drama recently, but it's hard to find unbiased information on either side. As far as I can tell, what they do is still very much something that I would like to support, but I'm not completely up to date on all of the issues.


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