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pretty hedge for privacy - kid friendly

17 years ago

I have been lurking here all spring with an occasional post here and there and could really use some suggestions. This may get long. Sorry.

I am the middle house on a short street. Each lot is about 1.5 acres and unfortunately mine was completely cleared of trees except at the back border (and the few I have put in in the front yard) On top of that, we are on a hill. The house/yard on my right is higher than mine and the one on my left just slightly lower. My yard also slopes up toward my tree line. This is a good sized hill, good enough for sledding. The picture makes it look longer and flatter than it is. We are very exposed and trying to figure out what to do about it. We are thinking a fence on the right property line, mostly just to define the line and frame some landscaping. That neighbor is the only one who views our yard from that side.

The right side is the problem. In order to put our swingset on a somewhat level spot it ended up being pretty close to the property line of a third neighbor out back, 8-15 feet or so. This area of the property line actually abutts a weird cleared area that is separated from their house by a hill and about 20 ft of trees. You can see the lighter green grass there. Their house can be seen through the trees. The picket fence is where we meet my left neighbor. It's actually a nuisance area to the outback neighbor as they have to mow it. I'd like to plant a pretty hedge there and will ask them if we can put it right on the property line. I'm certain they will agree as they can't even see this piece of property from their yard. We have a good relationship.

I don't want a line of any kind of evergreen. I'd like something pretty that can offer some privacy from spring through fall. It can't have thorns and would be best if it didn't attract lots of bees. Winter interest would be nice of course. Flowers would be wonderful. Just inside that picket fence, that neighbor has planted several lilacs with plans to add more.

I'm not sure of the soil in that area but in general it ranges all the way from clay to sandy. We can ammend if needed. We are on a tight budget so something that can be purchased on the small side but grows quickly would be idea.

I'd be so grateful for any and all suggestions. Here are the pics. Oh, that little maple can be moved. Spot gets full sun and can be windy. NOrth-east side of the property.

STraight back up the hill.

Right hand side- light green is other neighbors yard

Another shot

Thank you so much!

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