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What's your weeding style?

15 years ago

June must be the month when the weeds grow with a vengence. I have been doing battle with them this week.

It occured to me as to why I don't groom the garden regularly instead of spending my days off on 8 hour weedathons.

I read an article that in Japan, the grandparents of the households weed, sweep, and water the garden, including rocks, everyday. It also noted that you will be amazed how good your groundcovers look if groomed in this fashion.

I promptly asked my 80 year old mother if she would be willing to do this, thinking how great my daily groomed groundcovers would look, but she thought I was kidding.

For the rest of us who have no relatives willing to do maintenance daily, what's your weeding style? I, of course, procastinate until the garden takes on a jungle-like aspect, and entertain thoughts of concreting the entire yard.

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