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Climbing roses Westerland or Polka or Royal Sunset

9 years ago

I live right on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA where it is moist, cool and often foggy...but not always. So I thought this Northwest forum might have similar weather.

I can only fit one climber in the sun for a pillar and have narrowed down the color to these three roses: Royal Sunset, Polka or Westerland.

It's hard to tell from the photos which of these is brighter orange than the others.

I'd like a bloom machine if possible, constantly in bloom. And it will be a pillar style in a house corner. I don't think our sunshine will fade the flowers much, roses here tend to "pink out" if anything.

Looking for disease resistance and fewer nasty thorns would be nice. There will be some salt spray onto this bush.

If any of you have seen or own these roses and can compare, I'd really appreciate it.


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