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what's blooming and what's happening 13 June?

15 years ago

Hi NE gardeners.

What's blooming/happening in your gardens? I have finally finished spreading my mulch (4 yds) on top of the 5 yds of loam I needed earlier. I wonder why my neck and shoulders hurt?

Plant swap treats are mostly in, with Annabelle seedling about to bloom! Weeds are really in full force, but weeding time is limited. Need to start deadheading -- iris, peonies (tho most made it in to big, luscious, buxom bouquets), scabiosa.

My favorite bloomers right now:

A really pretty unnamed kalmia. Broken Arrow donates their rejects to the NEWFS for their annual sale. It may be a reject, but I like it!

'Snowflake' Hydrangea quercifolia is just starting, as well as it's neighbor Aruncus dioicus (not in this photo).

The achilleas, nepeta and other drought-tolerant perennials are starting in my daylily bed. It's much nicer since I added a little variety.

A bad pic of 'Pink Mist' scabiosa in the midst of heuchera and salvia is pretty in person.

My bad karma black hole is looking a little better, with echinacea 'Sunset' buds coloring and a cerise pink achillea starting.

A bad pic of nice Penstemon digitalis 'Huskers Red,' which is looking lovely in various spots around my garden.

Looking forward to hearing what's up with you all.

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