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How do you name your hosta beds?

11 years ago

I am constantly increasing the size and changing the nature of my beds and adding beds (duh!). To keep track I've given my beds names. At first I kept things simple with some beds no more than areas planned to develop into garden beds in the future.

-Maple Garden

-Morning Garden

-Walnut Garden

-Yankee Garden

-Dixie Garden

Now they are:

-Maple Garden

-Morning Glory Garden (with Paul's Glory, Old Glory, and Blazing Glory as focal points)

-Theresa's Angel Garden (with the "angels" Blue, Guardian and Earth as focal points)

-Noopiming Garden (being developed with choice of hosta open to such as Lake Superior, Northern Exposure, etc.)

-Dixie Garden (Does anyone know what the Anishinaabe [Ojibwe] word for "SUN" is?)

Next planned is around an ancient lilac and my planting shed - (?)

Do you, and if so how do YOU name and/or theme YOUR hosta beds?


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