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Spring Swap...aka 'Spring Fling!'

12 years ago

I know it's still really cold outside, but with the teaser of warm weather we've had...I know we are all restless to greet yet another gardening season!

I volunteered to host this year's "Spring Fling" and I'm stickin' to it! I've looked at the calendar after the recommendations of the long-standing members and how does the last Saturday in April sound? That would be April 24th. I seem to remember someone had some plans for the weekend before...but if another date works for everyone else, that's okay too. We can do it earlier or later...just whatever works for the masses. After all, it's only one day for me (aka "us") to work around and I'm so anxious to meet every one of you! (not to mention the fun, the plants, the seeds...need I say more?)

I hope our place is located centrally enough that everyone can come. My address is 9911 E Franklin Road in Norman if you want to "google" before making plans. Of course, as the time grows near, I'll post a link to a map. I wish I could accomodate overnite those that live far...but the best I can offer is camping accomdations...we live less than 3 miles from the campsites at Lake Thunderbird. Let me know if I can help there also.

So...what do you guys think? Good date or need to adjust? Maybe we need to ask Mother Nature?


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