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: Official 2011 Seed Swap - Thread 3

12 years ago

It is January 26th, and the seeds are in the mail.

As I have said before, don't start trying to count and compare because I just do the best I can to make it even. Some packs are small, some are large, some are very desirable, some very common, so I just try to see that everyone gets a little of everything, and I also try to keep in mind what you have told me about your gardening space and what you like. I'm sure I don't do it perfectly and at the end I always seem to shuffle a few to help level it out. In addition, some come marked for a specific person.

It took me about 30 minutes in the Post Office to get everything weighed and shipped. One lesson that I learned (again) is that it is much easier to handle mailing when I have money instead of stamps. So whoever does this next year might keep that in mind.

The seeds this year didn't seem to be as bulky, yet it was still hard to get them in some of your envelopes, and some of them had to be switched.

Here is the deal on postage:

Some of you didn't send quiet enough and others sent far too much, so check your bags carefully for stamps or money, because I did return some. If you sent too much, and the left over amount was over $1, then I returned it in your bag. If it was less, I added it back in and used it for those that didn't send enough. It only cost me a couple bucks more and I am good with that. In fact, I think I paid less than last year when I returned money down to the penney. This is why it takes so much time at the post office, because I have them weigh the package before I seal it so I can return your extra money.

Dawn and Diane, Both of you will get a small Priority Mail box since you included enough money for that. Dawn, I didn't need to use the larger box that yours came in, so you can expect the small box and change. Everyone else will receive an envelope, and I used the one you sent whenever I could.

Larry - I have not mailed your Jerusalem Artichokes yet. They arrived to me on an extremely cold day and had been frozen and thawed. I know they can freeze on the plant when the ground freezes and are not damaged, but these appeared damaged when I opened them and some had turned to mush. I have them stored as George suggested so hopefully I won't lose anymore. Since my temps are still in the low 20's at night, I decided to hold off a few days and mail when it is a little warmer.

Three people sent seeds that wanted little or nothing in return, and several traders sent a huge number of packages so it was a very good swap and I will be surprised if anyone is disappointed.

Last year, most people received their seeds in two days, so I think most of you should have them either on Friday or Saturday. Unlike last year, they arrived to me quite smoothly and nothing got returned like last year. I hope we are just as lucky on the return trip.

I'll watch for the new postings as you change your minds about what you are planting. LOL Please post on this...

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