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Shade and sun, where to plant native berries

12 years ago

Hi, I have lots of northwest native plants that are ready to plant and I need to decide on the best arrangement for my front yard. I removed my lawn last fall and re-landscaped it and will be planting mostly berry bushes.

I chose berries not only because I like the way they look, but also because their natural habitat is often partially shaded (forest understory). And that is the habitat that I am trying to achieve. My yard is on the North side of my house, so the house blocks a lot of the sun throughout the day... and I have trees on the west, partially blocking the sun in the afternoon.

Depending on the location in the yard, the amount of light it receives varies. So I have to decide which plants I need to place in the sunniest spots, and which can tolerate the most shade, and place them appropriately.

I've done some research on google and made a list of which plants can deal with which lighting conditions. Please take a look at my notes below and let me know if you think any of them are way off base. Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated!


- full sun to part shade

- Can't tolerate dry conditions


- Shade tolerant (shade to part-shade)

- Needs damp/moist soil mostly


- Mild shade (not too much)

- Needs damp/moist soil


- Mild shade (not too much)

- Needs damp/moist soil


- full sun

red currant:

- full sun to part shade


- does ok in full shade

choke cherry tree:

- full sun to part shade

sumac tree:

- full sun to part shade


- fairly shade tolerant with a little sun (morning sun is best, shade during the afternoon heat)

oregon grapes:

- does well in full shade to full sun

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