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What happened in your garden this week, May 1st?

17 years ago

Not much... Too much work and not enough time to play in the garden.

I continued (and didn't finish) the rose pruning. I had to hack 80% off a large William Baffin rose, 8 feet high on average with the highest canes at almost 10 feet. Somehow, the crown (which was about 1 foot by 1 foot square) burst, and a quarter of the crown an its canes attached "jumped" a foot away from the main crown. It looked as though I had two rose bushes. As I was hacking through (another Sawzall business), I realized that most of the crown was split and shattered, and that's why so many canes had died. Has anyone ever seen something like that?

Other than that, I have marvelled and despaired at the speed of the dandelion spread. But I think this year, I will let them do it.

What happened in your garden this week?


Belle Isis

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