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What happened to 'What's Happening'?

16 years ago

Someone (I'm sorry, I forget who..maybe that's the point...unsung hero?) used to post a thread about what was happening in the garden and what was blooming each week. I really liked those threads. What happened to them? Can someone start them up again? I'm too unreliable to count on myself to do it with regularity. Thanks.

Patty (by the way...blooming in my garden right now: The rhodies are ending, the white and red azaleas are looking good, the lilacs and bleeding heart are fading. The may night salvia is looking fantastic as are the few columbine I have left. Forget me nots (grown from seed!) still look sweet. The blue bearded irises are fading but the yellow are blooming and the maroon are yet to come. Ajuga putting on its last show. Some white dianthus is starting as are some perennial geranium.)

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