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Get those plants started for the Louisville Fall Swap!


I'm all excited, and hope others are too. I'm planning on starting some things to they can be rooted/established for the swap.

I plan to root some cuttings of Salvia Plumosa...since several seemed interested in the cuttings I brought to the June swap.

Anyone else giving it any thought yet?

I think I'll 'stick' some cuttings of some sedums and shrubs too.

Anyone who plans on making it to the fall swap, feel free to email me privately (non GW)...and we can make some prearranged trades.

I have been having terrible phone line/dial-up woes, but can/will get my emails when things aren't acting up.

Dreamspirit (Marla Jo) I emailed you via GW asking you send me your email addy, as it is blocked from members seeing it here at GW. Hope you get it as emails via GW aren't reliable lots of the time. Have not forgotten you. I maybe have an email from you (with addy) in Incredimail, but things are so screwed up computerwise, that I cannot even get that mail program to open...sigh.


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