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Sept 11, 2010-First Annual Fall Louisville Pow-Wow-Save the date

The date has been set (!!!)., unless something unforeseen should happen to come up with our hostess Marciagaye.

You are cordially invited to the Pow-Wow. Time 10 AM-??? Who knows.

This is a combination swap, get together, and small pitch-in of snacks and luncheon.

You are invited to bring anything pertaining to gardening that you wish to share,

ie, Plants,


Seeds (we 'should' have at least 'some' new stock by then)

Bulbs-great time to trade any daffodils or any other spring blooming bulbs that were dug earlier in the year

Rhizomes-still time to dig, divide, share some irises

Produce-whatever is abundant that one might care to share

Tips and wisdom always welcome-Pictures, etc

Home and Garden magazines and catalogs

Bird houses

Bird feeders

Any garden accoutrements

Snacks, brownies, chips, cold salads, brownies, paper goods (plates, bowls, utensils, paper towels/napkins,) brownies, beverages, donuts/coffee cake, brownies, etc. Other ideas?

Got something you made that you would like to show off? Please bring it. I hope to get a chance to maybe try my hand at some hypertufa containers by Pow-Wow time.

If interested in doing any trading, please update your trade lists. If you don't have anything to trade, that too is fine. Update your wish list and just bring some brownies or things from the list above.

Please be sure and have an email link showing on your Member Page so you can be reached. Holler if you need help in getting it set up so that you can be reached.

So far, those who have expressed interest are

our lovely hostess of course marciagaye and her sweetie DH

chemocurl (me-Sue)

flowerchildky (Linda, by the airport)

KilngodTina and her sweetie DH


sassyflowerchild-Nancy, our newest member-Shall we count you in? I'm so glad you joined us...It was nice meeting you.

broodyjen-Jen Can you save the date? It was great seeing you!

GotdirtGood to see you too with your friends-can you make it to the Pow-Wow? Please set up your Member Page email link, in case of updates on the Pow-Wow.

Others who had posted to the Spring Swap (June) thread but didn't get to make it are:






As you run across folks on other forums here, if you notice they are from Kentuckiana, either invite them and link to this thread or give me a holler and I'll send a private email invite....or you can.

So, can you all make it? Hope so!

Who else can you think of that has attended previously, that I have missed? I know I run across folks all the time on other forums that are from the area.


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