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Growing Pacific Wax Myrtle Hedge in Vancouver BC

14 years ago

Hi there,

I want to plant a privacy hedge this spring and was originally planning on using Portuguese Laurel, however I have decided not to use this plant because of it's invasiveness.

After reading a few forum threads it seems that Pacific Wax Myrtle might be the shrub for me.

Will this plant thrive in the Vancouver BC climate with it's native origin being California/ Oregon? I do not live right on the water but a mile or so inland and a few hundred yards above sea level, enough so that it might be a couple degrees colder in my yard than on the shore in the winter.

Also does anyone know how readily available this plant is in my local gardening stores/ nurseries?

If planted close to a fence (2-3ft) will it pose a danger to damaging the fence in the long term like Laurel?

Is it possible to grow Pacific Wax Myrtle over 8ft tall while keeping to around 3-4ft wide?


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