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Broke in CT - seeking swaps?

16 years ago

In a bittersweet twist of fate, I'm out of work with time to garden, but no plant $$. Don't mean to ruffle feathers by not using the exchange group - but there hasn't been any posts there since last year, and I'm was really hoping to get something lined up sooner than later (so I'll have something fun to do in April). I'm in the Hartford area, but have a car and plenty of time.

Anyway, I'm looking for shade loving perrenials of any type. Zone 6a.

Sorry it's not the most exotic list of plants to contribute - but I know I needed more of these at one time myself, so I'll stay optomistic ;)

Thanks for reading... Hope to hear from all you shade dwellers!

Plants to trade:

Sweet woodruff (my #1 favorite)

Canadian wild ginger (beautiful texture)

Ajuga (chocolate chip? purple and white. Careful!)

Lychnis (coronaria? deep purple.)

Creeping euonymous (Variegated white)

Good ol' Vinca

Good ol' Pachysandra

Good ol' plain-jane 12" unknown hosta

2 leggy dwarf alberta spruces that the previous owner planted on the North side of the house, and will otherwise be going to the chipper this spring.

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