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What happened in your garden this week - April 3rd?

17 years ago

Let's see.... plenty I would say, although the situation doesn't seem to be much improved. Basically cleanup... more (almost all) the raspberry canes taken out, cleanup of the peony bed and application of homemade compost. (It looks really delicious I must say.) More Sawzall gardening to remove essentially black walnuts, which are impossible to pull. Transplanted a ton of Siberian Irises, after having prepared the soil. Cleanup of lawn, a never ending task!

On the list for this week: finish all the peony beds, cleaning and compost.

Not done: plant grass seeds. If I manage to procrastinate this well, I'll be ready with plenty of time for fall planting of grass seeds...

What happened in your garden this week?


Belle Isis

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