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Kinda new to Kentucky, where to buy trees, plants, flowers?

16 years ago

Hi there...I moved back to Ky last year after spending 17 years in Arizona and then So. Calif. I was a teenager when I left town, so I never really gardened back in the 80's when I was still in Kentucky. I see that some of the places I used to go with my mom for trees in Louisville don't seem to exist anymore. Places like Frank's Nursery. And then we even used to buy rose trees at Paul's Fruit Market, but they don't seem to have any of those anymore. Or perhaps it's just not the season yet?

Where is the best place to go for trees? Fruit, flowering and shade? We bought a few at home depot and Lowe's but I wasn't impressed with the selection.

We have five acres to fill with gorgeous trees so I'd love to find a great source for wonderful trees, plants and flowers. We live outside of Jefferson County, east of Louisville, so I don't mind driving around a bit to find what I need.


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