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Tomato selection and your veggie grow list

13 years ago

Last year was so cold for tomatoes that I'm trying to limit my tomatoes this year. What do people find grew the best for them? Has anyone grown San Francisco Fog, which is supposed to do well with cold nights? I used to grow mainly very early small tomatoes but branched out after I started using tunnels, but a bad year like last year makes all the work unproductive, I suppose I could go back to the early ones but... not very satisfying.

My best performers recently-


Gogosha- large pink

Verna's Orange Oxheart

Ukraine Heart

Plum Giant Ukraine

My tomatoes I'm trialling this year in addition to some of the above-


Shilling Giant Paste supposedly frost resistant

Super Italian paste

Virginia sweets

Bean grow list for 2011, leaning heavily toward romano types, many new* to me-

Insuk's Wang Kong Runner pole

Anellino Gialo* yellow pole 75

Marvel of Venice* blk sd pole 78

Uncle Steve's pole

Grandma Robert's Purple Pole

Super Marconi pole

Speedy* bush 54

Garrafal Enana* bush 60

Marconi* blk sd bush 53

Velour* purple bush

Capitano* yellow romano blk sd bush


Norli stir-fry

Sugar Sprint Snap

Sugar Star Snap

Carrot Red Core Chantenay

Carrot Danvers Half Long Ed Hume

Turnip Bianco Colletto Viola- elongated purple top

Turnip Purple Top- did fantastically late summer last year, many in the ground to make spring greens

Parsley Berliner long root

Cucumber North Carolina pickling- yellow prolific

Cucumber Gemini F1 parthenocarpic

Cucumber Diva F1 parthenocarpic

Cucumber Lemon

Cucumber Tanja cold tolerant

Cucumber carosello Barese (melon cucumber)

Lettuce Bon Vivant blend

Spinach Kan Aji F1

Spinach Renegade cold tolerant

Collards Green Glaze

Kale Wild Red


small leaves for cutting- Baby leaf Gold Streak, Ruby Streak, Evergreen Seeds

Celery Safir F1 low growing leaf

Squash Medley Ed Hume

Squash Yellow Crookneck Ed Hume

Squash White Scallop Ed Hume

Squash Vert et Jaune patty pan JL Hudson

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