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Best tomatoes for PNW?

10 years ago

I'm overwhelmed by catalogues. Guess I'm getting old, but it seems there are just TOO MANY choices.

Anyway, I'm trying to decide on tomato seeds. I always grow Tumbler and Juliet, and they do well. Sometimes Celebrity does well, sometimes not. Same for La Roma. What I need are some suggestions for early and mid-season, medium (no beefsteak types), resistant to everything they need to be resistant to, that you've found tasty and relatively foolproof.

I grow them in 5-gal pots in a hoophouse, with cages. I live in the Gulf Islands, BC. We often get hotter, drier summers than the mainland - but with the crazy weather over the last few years - who knows?

Thanks, from a mentally exhausted old gardener (and I haven't even started on the annuals yet . . .)

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