Anyone buy anything from actual nurseries?

10 years ago

Is it cheaper than big box stores like Lowes or HomeDepot and if so how much more/less is stuff? It's to late in the season to actually go in one and price shop now, I'm just wondering for next year.

I have a very large landscaping project. I'll need well over 100 plants. Mostly perrinials, but some annuals. Last year I went into Lowes to get just a couple perrinials and they only had maybe 3-4 different kinds to choose from so I had to settle. I've always wanted long bluming perrinials (roses, coneflowers, etc), but the big stores don't carry those.

So I was wondering if the stuff in nurseries would be the same or a little cheaper. Some say cheaper because big stores purchase their products from nurseries and have to mark them up. Others say more because big box stores purchase huge qty's from large nurseries at a good discount.

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