Shrubs under Black Walnut Trees


Can I plant Serviceberry, Bayberry, and/or Winterberry shrubs underneath Black Walnut Trees? I've found conflicting information on Serviceberry and Winterberry and no information at all about Bayberry.

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Try searching under Permaculture, they talk about Guilds or what plants will grow and promote the growth of other plants and trees.

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seb99 z 6a

The Virginia Coop. Ext. Serv. used to have a publication titled "What grows under black walnuts?" cited above. Unfortunately, the link no longer works.

Try to contact them directly or use the Wayback Machine.

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wisconsitom(Zone 4/5)

You can plant whatever you want under black walnuts. The question is, what will survive/thrive in this location.

Sorry couldn't resist. You'll just have to find the best listng on this topic that you can, and then experiment.


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