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What happened in your garden this week - March 27?

17 years ago

Hello again! I am re-launching the thread describing what we did in our gardens this past week. I hope a lot of you will post, and will remind the others (myself included) of what is to happen at this particular point in the season.

This week basically, I did fall cleaning... and last year's summer cleaning as well! I had a lot of overgrown black walnut saplings which went away after a battle with a "Sawzall". They are impossible to pull when they are too big, so the Sawzall is there to cut amid the dirt, into the roots and under the point from where the tree grows. Sawzall gardening works like a charm.

I also cut all my raspberry canes (a large task.... they overtook the next bed), cleaned up the sand box, removed a lot of old canes from last year which I should have gotten rid of last fall.

I also toured the garden and made notes of what work is to come. As a matter of course, the list is endless. At this point in the season, I still have the upper hand on my garden. If I can keep that up till late June, I'll be happy!

On the task list for this week is the cleaning of the lawn and re-seeding, and transplanting of siberian irises, so I can reclaim a part of the garden which contained the irises and had turned into a jungle.

What happened in our garden this week?


Belle Isis

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