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Got praying mantis?

18 years ago

I'm still fascinated with these guys. As of late, you can walk outside my door and pretty easily find one or more, with not much of a search. The ones i've been spotting are about pinky's length. Now I have a field on my back acre where I always find egg cases and I took one over the winter and set it in the garden close to the house. Would these guys have grown that large since hatching in spring? We've hatched them before and they come out the size of small ants. I came upon one the other day and put my finger near it and it raised itself up on its hind legs as if to fight! Pretty cool. Do they bite if you poke them? The larger ones seem to be dark brown, right? had lots of hummingbird moths last week, this week its the mantis. I wonder if they travel far or stick to the area they are born in.

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