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recommend a landscaper designer near Boston?

15 years ago

I'm giving in to my "landscape". I have tried to read up on gardening/landscaping etc but I am still too overwhlemed by what needs to be done to give my house some curb appeal. So does anyone know of a good landscaper in the north of Boston area? I want to do most of the work myself, but just need someone to draw up plans and tell me what plants I need. ANd what is the going rate these days? I know Mahoneys offers consulations and I'm thinking of that, but I'm also thinking I want to move my driveway and I don't know if they can help figure out that big of a job?

I've gotten some drawups from the home decorating site here which have some great ideas, but I don't even know which plants would produce that look. ANd our budget is rather small so I need to consider doing things in stages too. Someone photoshopped in maroon shutters and a door which I plan on doing this spring.

Here's our property (ps....I did send it into Desperate Landscapes with the hopes we'd be picked!)


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